Self Storage in St Neots

Here at St Neots Removals, we partner with trusted companies to ensure your removals process is pain free. We partner with Bedfordshire Storage, who provide a secure self-storage facility in Bedfordshire.

If you’re local to St Neots they’re close enough for you to store your items with them. They’re located approximately two miles from the Black Cat Roundabout. This means that if you’re in Bedford, St Neots, Biggleswade or Sandy they’re in the ideal place for you to store your extra items. They offer a fully insured service with 24/7 access. So you can quickly grab any items you need from your unit at whatever time suits you.

Storage in St Neots

Because we partner with Bedfordshire Storage, we can arrange everything for you. You just tell us what items you want to keep in storage and leave the rest to us. We’ll load all of your belongings onto one of our appropriately sized vehicles, and unload them at the other end. We ensure that we pack the storage unit safely and securely and make sure that you can access all of your items at any time.

Why Would I Need Self Storage?

Maybe you’re moving house and are in between homes? Perhaps you need to renovate your new home and have nowhere to put your belongings while you do so? Self storage is also a great solution for businesses with too much stock or short term for moving between premises. Whatever the reason you find yourself needing somewhere extra to store your items, we can help arrange a storage solution with Bedfordshire Storage.

Storage Unit Size Guide

20 ft unit / 160 sq. ft.

Just smaller than a full-size shipping container, this unit can potentially store the contents of a four-bedroom house, but at least a three bedroom house, along with the contents of the garage too! The 160 square foot unit is the same size as one and a half single garages and is ideal for large house moves as you can even fit a piano in here!

40 ft unit / 320 sq. ft.

This is one of the biggest storage units you can rent, being the size of two full-size shipping containers. It can fit enough furniture to fill a four- or five-bedroom house! This makes it ideal for larger house moves or storing cars or small boats. This size unit is also perfect for businesses wanting to store excess stock or equipment.

How much does self storage cost?

Obviously, this depends on the size of the storage unit you choose, but at Bedfordshire Storage they start at the competitive price of £90 per month. Bedfordshire Storage’s prices are per calendar month, and there are no hidden fees. The price quoted is the price you’ll pay for the unit. Because they pride ourselves on being competitively priced, you can save money by paying in advance for multiple months. Come and speak to an advisor today for a quote.

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