Garden Clearance in St Neots

Here at St Neots Removals, not only do we do House Clearance, and Removals in St Neots, we can also help you get your garden back into top shape with our Garden Clearance service. Is your garden in need of some TLC? Maybe you’ve just moved into a property and the garden is a total wreck, or you don’t have the time to devote to keeping your garden the way you’d like it to be.

Hire St Neots Removals to come and clear the rubbish and garden waste from your garden, leaving you with your choice of a blank canvas or entirely finished garden. Things we’ll remove include junk and miscellaneous items which aren’t even from a garden but have somehow made their way into yours. You may have just completely overhauled your garden and need tree branches or bushes taken away. We can help.

Shed Clearances

Oftentimes, sheds become the place you shove anything you have no room for in the house. Not only can we empty your shed of clutter and junk, but we also have no problem deconstructing most small sheds, so just ask. This will allow you to either have space for a new shed, or just have your shed storage space back for the things that really ought to be in there. We’ll even clear up after we’re done so there’s no mess and no fuss.

Dismantling Service

If your shed is falling down, or you just want to add a new one to your garden, we can demolish and take away the old one for you. The same goes for greenhouses. Maybe you have no use for a greenhouse, or want to upgrade the one you currently have? St Neots Removals are fully trained in all areas of light demolition. Regardless of why you need your shed or greenhouse dismantled, if you don’t know where to start, contact us and we can take care of it for you. All you need to do is point us in the direction of the shed or greenhouse, and then sit back and relax. The price we quote you is all in. It includes demolition of the structure and taking away all the associated debris.

Gardening Service in St Neots

As well as removing things you no longer want to be in your garden, St Neots Removals also offers a specialist gardening service. This is perfect for if you have a vision of how you want your garden to be, but no time to get it there. You may have the time, but no experience? Do you fancy yourself as having a green thumb but the plants disagree? Hire St Neots Removals Garden Clearance service to spruce up your garden for you.

Garden Clearance in St Neots

Tree Felling

If there are trees in your garden blocking the sunlight, why not consider having them removed? This seems like a good idea, in theory, but when you actually try it, you find out that it’s not as simple as you’d like. That’s where we come in. St Neots Removals can get rid of them for you safely and efficiently so you don’t have to do the hard work. Because we’re removal guys, you can rest assured that we’ll leave the garden nice and clean after we’re done. All that’s left to do will be to get the sun loungers out and work on your tan!

Shrub & Bush Removal

Bushes and shrubs can be difficult to remove, as they anchor themselves in the ground with a network of powerful roots. Trying to remove them can be quite a physical workout! You could also damage the surrounding plants by accident, whilst trying to remove a pesky bush or shrub. At St Neots Removals, we know how to get the plant out without damaging the rest of the garden. Just point out the particular problem areas and we’ll do the rest.

Hedge Trimming

Something you may not realise is that trimming a hedge is actually quite a complex task. You need to have the correct equipment and safety gear, to begin with. However, there’s also a particular method to hedge trimming. If done incorrectly, the hedge could actually be damaged whilst you’re trying to trim it. St Neots Removals are trained in hedge trimming, so you won’t have to worry about any of that. Whether it be a regular job or just a one-off to get the unruly hedge into shape, contact us for a quote.


Has the unpredictable weather left your garden a jungle? If so, we can help by doing all the weeding for you. We are trained to know what’s a weed and what should stay. You can rest assured that we’ll only clear out the ‘bad stuff’.

Premier Garden Clearance Service

If you want the garden completely gutted so you can start afresh, let us know and we can do that too. Maybe you’d like someone to regularly come and keep the garden under control? St Neots Removals can be hired on a regular basis or just as a one off to get your garden under control.

Lawn Mowing & Strimming

Mowing a lawn is probably one of the most tedious jobs for the garden. And the worst thing is, it needs doing so regularly. Whether you want to hire us on a regular basis to keep the lawn spic and span or you just want us to come and tackle the long grass you’ve been trying to ignore, give us a call.

Immaculate Garden

Whatever you need doing to your garden, we’ll make sure that we leave it perfectly revitalised for you to enjoy. Our garden clearance service includes both the clearance and removal of all garden waste, as well as including loading the rubbish that you have, sweeping the site thoroughly and disposing of the waste at an authorised location. We’re licenced waste removal company so only used authorised sites.

Fully Insured, Fully Licenced

We hold full public liability insurance meaning that you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands. St Neots Removals have an upper tier Waste Carriers Licence from the government Environment Agency. Regardless of who you use, ensure they are fully accredited, because if not, you could be liable for a £5,000.00 fine.

Contact Us

For a free no obligation quote, contact us on 01480 400 604 or by email at today. Just let us know what needs moving, where it needs moving to, and when you’d like it moved, and we can give you a quote quickly and easily.